Brown Claiming He Wasn’t Set to Perform at BET


Chris Brown is trying to dispute claims that his performance and Michael Jackson tribute at this weekends BET awards was scrapped due to a vocal Jay-Z.

It was Brown’s own dancer who was claiming that it was not right of Jay-Z to do that via Twitter during the awards show, but now that Brown looks like more of a punk than he did before, he’s trying to clear up his name.

A spokesperson for CB is claiming; “That’s not true – he was never confirmed to perform.”

Unfortunately, there was also an ad on the BET website which was toting Chris Brown as the opening act at one point.  You can see it here.

Brown has paid tribute to Michael Jackson in the past, and always credits him as one of his biggest influences.  You mean to tell me he had no interest in performing at the Michael Jackson tribute show? Please!

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