StarzLife EXCLUSIVE!!! Interview with Shwayze


Shwayze and Cisco Adler were nice enough to chat with me yesterday about what they’ve got up their sleeve.

The music duo, who’s latest single Get U Home is available now for download, and also features a homemade video by Cisco himself, is the first slice of their upcoming album, Let it Beat, which hits stores in September.

Along with the album, you can expect a full US tour that will last from September through January, a feature film in the works that they hope to hit theaters in 2010, and the party to be brought wherever they are at during any given time.

The pair also dished on women, and Shwayze’s eyes for Ugly Betty?

Check out the EXCLUSIVE interview between StarzLife and Shwayze below.

StarzLife: Hey what’s up guys

Cisco Adler: We’re chillin, It’s just a ‘starz life’ out here bro,

SL: So tell me about this new single, I just saw Cisco’s homemade video for it yesterday the label sent it over.

Shwayze: Nice

SL: It’s pretty awesome.

S: That’s the new stuff, it’s crazy right? That’s like the tour life.

CA: Yeaht that’s just over the last I mean that even spans over last year’s warped tour and shit. It’s all about um, I like those nostalgic videos that show people what we do every day and just what the hell our life’s about.

S: A day in the life!

SL: So how bout the song itself?

CA: As far as the song goes, the song is just a fucking jam you know what I mean? And it sort of tips people off a little bit of what’s to come , it may confuse some people which is a good thing because we always want to keep em’ guessin.

SL:What can the fans expect form the album? More Songs like ‘GET U HOME’ or any other styles?

CA: It’s all over the board man, like we didn’t make a record all sounding like one thing, we had a little taste from the last record, some new stuff that we tried. We been all over the country in different clubs so we wanted to have something that would bang in the club, but for all of our fans don’t worry we still have the old vibe it’s just beefed up a little bit you know what I mean?

CA: We kinda visit every sort of influence on this record. There’s some straight hiphop stuff, some stuff that’s still us, chillin on the beach smokin’ a doobie drinkin a coronoa, and then theres some stuff where were out at night getting wasted until were naked.

SL: Any guest stars?

S: Yea we got Snoop dogg, The Knux, and a bunch more.

CA: Ric Ocasek from the cars is on a song with Darryl Jenifer from Bad Brains the bass player, we kinda visited all of our different influences and friends from different generes for the collaboration.

SL: So then you’ll obviously tour in support of this record, when will you do that?

S: We start touring very soon, I guess in the next few weeks.

CA: We leave on the 11th for a run of club/buzz dates where we go in and do like two or three songs and sort of introduce the new music to the club scene, then the first week of September we leave and don’t come back until January.

SL: Who will you be taking out with you.

S: Paradiso Girls, The Cold Flames…

CA: And our boy Beardo…the trailer park hero.

SL: Will we be seeing another season of Buzzin’ on MTV?

S: No, not this year.

CA: No you know what we just started working on our first feature film, which is going to be the next visual representation of us in that realm. It’s a big comedy, it’s going to be classic. I think we start shooting in January.

SL: So are we talking straight to DVD or the big screen?

S: Theaters.

CA: Come on man! What do you think were doing here?

S: What do you think this is man?

CA: This ain’t Master P bro were goin’ to the theaters! (haha) But also we’re going to do a soundtrack connected to that, which I think will be an album between this and the next album.

SL: Okay so lets talk about the women.

CA: What about em? They’re beautiful, they’re tall, they smell like sugar and spice, you know what I mean?

C: Anyone specific for either of you?

CA: Depends when you ask us! (ha ha )

S: Well put.

SL: Well lets put it this way then, if you could take one hot Hollywood starlet out on a date to play her the new record, who would it be?

CA: Is there any more? (ha ha) You know what… I’m done with Hollywood women.

SL: That could be a good thing.

Cisco: It’s a beautiful thing.

S: I’m not so much done since I haven’t dabbled in so much like my man Cisco here.

CA: Shwayze wants Ugly Betty.

S: Ugly Betty is cute. I saw ugly Betty at the airport once and she’s cute. I feel bad for her. Um.. Rihanna, no wait, Scarlett Johannsen.

CA: I endorse that.

SL: All right guys well I’m gonnna let you get back to your day but I appreciate you taking the time to chat with me.

CA: Thank you

S: Alright thanks homie.

For more Shwayze news, follow @Shwayze and @MrCiscoAdler on Twitter , as well as @Starzlife.

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