Ashton Kutcher Tweets About Not Dying in Plane Emergency


Is Ashton Kutcher not famous enough? Why do mega-stars tweet? We (by which I mean Starzlife) are on Twitter to bring you up-to-the-minute celebs gossip and photos. Ashton is on Twitter to type things like, “just finished kimmel. Should be a fun show.” Couldn’t you just leave your adoring fanbase in suspense for the three hours between taping and airtime? What the hell happened to the distance between star and fan? People used to wonder what hot chicks Rock Hudson banged on the weekend. Now they know what Dave Matthews had for lunch.

Ashton Kutcher’s plane had to make an emergency landing in Vegas yesterday, after which he immediately tweeted, “My plane just had to do an emergency landing. Engine over heated. Fire engines everywhere. Good times.” Yeah. Maybe for you, Ashton. He later tweeted “happy to be alive” followed by, “omg, I just found the closet with all my old trucker hats,” “free sushi ROCKS!!!” and a twitpic of his daughter shaving her legs.

Source: NY Daily News

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