Ben Stiller To Appear in Man Vs. Wild, Does He Know His Assistant Can’t Come Along?

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Ben Stiller is slated to appear in the Discovery Channel show Man vs. Wild. In the show Bear Grylls roughs it with minimal supplies. Will Ferrell appeared on the show earlier, and now Stiller wants his chance.

Stiller is a notoriously difficult person to work with (I can’t attest to this, but it’s been rumored). Can you imagine how difficult he’d be in the freaking woods?

“Bear, get me a latte!”
“There are no lattes here.”
“Fine, fine a coffee with two splendas please”
“There’s no coffee here either, Ben”
“Fine, a Fiji water”
Bear shakes his head.

I’m actually really curious to see how it all turns out.

Source: The Sun

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