Fans Not Appreciating Chris Brown’s Fan Appreciation Tour


Looks like Chris Brown is having no luck testing the waters with a new tour.

His management clearly had to know he wouldn’t be able to sell out the large arenas he was used to selling out after the Rihanna incident,  so instead just downsizing to a smaller venue and looking like something was wrong, they decided to market a “fan appreciation” tour, which lets the artist be in a smaller more intimate setting with the fans.

Well things aren’t going very well with CB’s fan appreciation, as ticket sales are staggering for the upcoming dates.

Browns agent still expects the shows to sell out and was quoted saying “during this economic climate, ticket sales are doing very well.”

Oh really? Then why did Lady Gaga sell out in hours?  Clearly the economy is holding nobody back from seeing who they want to see.  It’s just that nobody wants to see the woman beater brown.

Watch this tour not even be able to finish due to poor sales.  It’ll be cheaper to give refunds! Rightfully so!

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