Jon’s Ho Files Police Report Against the Super Dad


Haley Glassman isn’t going away easily!

Jon Gosselin’s ex flame, who broke up the marriage with Kate has filed a police report against the father of 8, claiming he shoved her up against the wall during a domestic dispute.

What, you didn’t think Charlie Sheen was gonna get all the spotlight this week did you?

According to a source, Glassman claims she was shoved during a dispute on December 20th,  she moved her things out of Jon’s building on December 23rd.

Coincidentally, the same day Jon’s apartment was ransacked and destroyed, with a note knifed to the dresser calling him a cheater and signed “Haley Glassman”

Two things could have happened…  Haley left him a little parting gift and did destroy the apartment and then denied it,  or Jon could have done it himself knowing that Haley had been there and that she’d be the only one seen on the security tape and her prints would be all over the place anyways.  I mean, they’d show him going in on the tape, but nobody would be able to see what went on inside.

Two thing are for sure… Both are wackos!

Who do YOU think ransacked Jon’s pad?

Of couse, Jon’s rep is only commenting on the report as “FALSE.”

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