Who’s to Blame for a New Years Blackout? Time Warner, or FOX


Bad news for some of you Time Warner Cable subscribers hoping to catch this years New Years Eve celebration or the grand daddy of them all, The Rose Bowl Game, on new years day…

If negotiations don’t go well between News Corp. and Time Warner in the next 24 hours, The network and all of it’s affiliates could be pulled from the cable company’s channel lineup.

It’s a money issue of course, as both sides are being greedy to get what they want, (Similar to Time Warners still un-resolved issues with the Big Ten Network) so unless someone caves don’t expect anything in the next day.

You can find articles on the internet backing both sides, so it’s up to you where your allegiance lies.

This could mean missing your favorite reruns on FX, learning the truth (fair and balanced) about whats going on in the country from FOX News, and  missing the Ohio State Buckeyes get their clocks cleaned by the Oregon Ducks in the January 1st classic from Pasedena.

They say money is the root of all evil, but from past experience, I concur that Time Warner is the root of all evil.

DirecTV and Dish Network have stepped up and said they are ready for the last minute rush if an agreement isn’t reached.

*Update* There’s a rumor going around now that  Time Warner has agreed to a temporary agreement with FOX, so all of your New Years programing is safe!!

Go Ducks!

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