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Who’s to Blame for a New Years Blackout? Time Warner, or FOX

Bad news for some of you Time Warner Cable subscribers hoping to catch this years New Years Eve celebration or the grand daddy of them all, The Rose Bowl Game, on new years day… If negotiations don’t go well between News Corp. and Time Warner in the next 24 hours, The network and all of […]

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Bart Simpson: Scientology’s Newest Recruiter.

Bart Simpson voice artist Nancy Cartwright is one of Scientology’s most known celebs members, and one of their highest donors as well, but could her recent antics pin a black cloud over the show we all know and love? Cartwright has lent her voice over skills to a new robo call for the church that […]

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Prison Break Get’s the Chair.

Fox announced Tuesday that this season would in fact be the final season of it’s hit series, Prison Break. Right now the show is on extended holiday and will make it’s return April 17th for it’s final string of at least 4 but likely a few more episodes. Network President Kevin Reily simply put it […]

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Ready For Fall Finale of Prison Break?

It seems like FOX freakin’ does this stuff to us every year, build up a show until and just when it reaches it’s peak, end for a couple of months. The ‘Fall Finale’ of Prison break is tonight, and it’s just when a bunch of stuff from Michael and Lincoln’s past is coming about, and […]

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Fox Bringin’ Musical to the Small Screen.

Fox is taking a prime-time gamble by creating a new musical series titled ‘Glee.’ They announced today that they have ordered thirteen episodes of the comedy series, which will center around a high school teacher who is trying to turn her glee club into a national power. The series will have all of the power […]

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Fox Cancels MadTV.

Fox has decided to let go of one of it’s longest running shows, MadTV. The show is currently it’s 14th season, and the network announced today that it’d be the last. MadTV’s run is only behind The Simpsons, Cops, and America’s Most Wanted for longest running show  on FOX. I thought it stunk but apparently […]

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Bones Star Talks Bones, Beer, and Football.

Bones star, David Boreanaz, sat down with the newest issue of DRAFT Magazine for the manliest of interviews which not only covered the topic of his hit Fox show, Bones, but also the finer things in life; beer and football. First of all let me just say, why didn’t anyone tell me there was a […]

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Want to Become a Movie Star?

This is your big shot!  20th Century Fox is looking for little wimps! 20TH CENTURY FOX ANNOUNCES OPEN CASTING CALL FOR NEW COMEDY BASED ON BEST-SELLING BOOK DIARY OF A WIMPY KID Twentieth Century Fox is holding an open casting call for the lead role in a new motion picture comedy based on the best-selling […]

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When the Goin’ Gets Tough…

Signing up to do voice overs is usually a sign of not being able to find acting work in film or television, but I’m actually on the fence over the gig Jodie Foster just picked up.  Find out and weigh in after this.

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Gossip Girl is Back Tonight!

If you know anything at all about television, you’d know that tonight is a HUGE return night for some of your favorite shows.  Gossip Girl is back for another season of spoiled rich kid drama, and many others are making a return or premiere.

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