Hilton/ Tequila on Twitter: Round 2!


The one time buddies are at it again on twitter.

When Tila Tequila gets on a rant on Twitter, you know it’s going to last all day, so I’m going to refrain from copying and pasting them all , but I will be your guide.

Tila Tequila and Perez Hilton duked it out on  Twitter this morning, with a barrage of hateful tweets towards one another.

The total tally was 55 for Tila and 24 for Perez, but like boxing, it’s not who throws the most punches it’s who connects with the most.  You can swing your arms for an entire round, it doesn’t mean you’re going to hit your opponent.

From a non bias perspective on the whole battle, I think Perez wins this one based solely off his argument that  if you’re fiance died, the last thing you would be doing is tweeting to fans, unless you wanted some free publicity.

Ever since Tila’s fiance, Casey Johnson was found dead, she’s been constantly tweeting about how hard it is, and grieving publicly, almost like begging for @replies saying “sorry for your loss”, when she should be with Casey’s family mourning privately.

It was this knock out punch that did Tequila in though.

@officialTila If Casey Johnson could come back from the dead, she’d come and fucking kill you for how you’ve been behaving! #YouAreWack

Too soon? Maybe.  Too much? Probably.  But everyone knows Perez isn’t afraid to go there, and Tila was using the same tone on her page with him, so all is fair in Twitter war.  The point is, there should have been no coming back from that, and Tila didn’t.  She spewed out 32 more Tweets about him, but none of them with any more substance than “Perez is a liar”  “Perez is fat” and my personal fave ; @PerezHilton hey u better be careful who u talkin to. You’re SO LAST YEAR! Just be careful cuz I got all of my paparazzi’s on LOCK!

All her paparazzi’s on LOCK?  So what’s that mean?  She’s going to make them take pics of Perez Hilton?  She’s going to tell them not to take pictures of Perez Hilton?   She’s going to make them take pics of her?

You can catch all of Tila’s hateful tweets by clicking here, and all of Perez’s hateful tweets by clicking here.

You be the judge on who won this war.

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