General Larry Platt Looking for ‘Pants’ Payday


General Larry Platt must have read the William Hung book on how to suck and be famous.

Just one week after singing his original “Pants on the Ground” on American Idol, it’s become a nation wide phenomenon.

Only problem is, Platt hasn’t seen a single dime from it.

In the age of viral videos and twitter, and Brett Favre still playing football at 40, “Pants on the Ground” is everywhere you turn.

There are even two t-shirts I found for sale without even putting any effort into a search.

So should Platt deserve some money for this?  He thinks so, and he’s enlisting in some lawyers to see that he gets some!

Only problem is, he’s going to need find a way to trademark the phrase, or sue everyone out there who’s using his likeness.

He’s got a better chance of riding the 15 minutes of fame train until someone offers him a couple hundred bucks to record a CD of covers, and his hit.

Good luck, General.


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