Tila Tequila’s Latest Twitter Target: Kelly Osbourne


It wouldn’t be Thursday without Tila Tequila smack talking someone on Twitter.

Her latest victim?  Kelly Osbourne.

Here’s what Tila had to say. and say. and say. and say.

PS-I was about to “GO OFFFFF” on some fat twat talking shit about me in the press again, but forget it. She just wants my attention! #FAIL. HINT: She’s got a history of talking shit about EVERYONE in Hollywood, has a history of drug abuse problems & lost on DWTS. HA! about 13 hours ago from web. Like I said, I don’t bash on people unless they bash on me, but this time…I will let her slide. I feel sorry for her. She needs press.

But for those of you who can figure out who the “BLIND ITEM” im talking about is… go tell her to fuck herself since nobody else will. HA! Yes, another BORN INTO RICH FAMILY CELEBRITY TWAT OPENED HER FAT MOUTH ABOUT ME IN THE PRESS TALKING SMACK….UMM…SHUT UP.

I learned to not give out their names anymore cuz they get free press. Soooo…U guys guess the blind item I’m talking about. about. She’s Got a Famous old legend Rock N Roll father, who I absolutely ADORE & RESPECT! I love her mom too! But her… umm…SHUT UP PALEY FACE! ohhh someone guessed my “BLIND ITEM” right! Yes…its THAT GIRL. Why must she talk shit? WOW! LOSER MUCH? ANYWAYYYY…Go back 2 rehab.

LMAOOO! So many people guessing the “BLIND ITEM” correct! U guys are funny! Yes, its THAT GIRL! Where does SHE have room 2 say things of me? Well that’s enough for tonight’s Tila Tequila Installment & tell the “BLIND ITEM” person to stop eating donuts & Go back 2 rehab! LMAO! nite about.

Last hint: Shes originally from London and still has the UK Accent and looks like she walked out of Hot Topic. Tell her 2 shush her mouth k?

So what did (Obviously Kelly Osbourne) say about Tila?

She told UK Magazine Closer;

“Since LA socialite Casey Johnson passed away a few weeks ago, her girlfriend Tila Tequila has been writing the most inappropriate and bizarre things on her Twitter page.

“She needs to shut up – I know she must be grieving, but ranting on Twitter seems really off. I first met Casey when I was about 15 and used to see her around.

“She clearly had problems and it’s so sad she died so young, especially as she had an adopted daughter.”



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