Defending Scott Baio


Apparently some of his Twitter followers after a recent joke about Michelle Obama he posted on the social networking site.

Chachi a hardcore republican wrote as the caption to an attached photo of the first lady;

“WOW He wakes up to this every morning.”


Baio was hit with a TON of “You’re racist” replies for posting the pic, and lets be real here people,  just because you think someone’s sweater is ugly, doesn’t mean you hate sweaters.  There is nothing racist about that joke, or posting the photo.

The truth of the matter is this,  That picture, of Michelle Obama, whether you like her or not is a reminder of one thing and one thing only.


The freaky librarian ghost from  Ghostbusters. (who was an old white woman I may add.)

So take your race cards, and put them back in your pocket where they belong.

My only advice for Scott Baio, next time someone calls you a racist,  “I have a friend who is black” is the absolute most cliche answer you can use.  True or not, it doesn’t get you out of the hot water.

Of the death threats, Baio tweeted that the FBI was investigating.  Lighten up people!!


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One Response to Defending Scott Baio

  1. January 23, 2010 at 8:12 pm #

    Why is it racist to say someone looks unattractive? God knows they said that enough when Hillary Clinton had bad hair days — or is that reverse racism?

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