Happy Birthday Bud Bundy!


Today in addition to the first birthday of Jack Stern, were celebrating the birthday of the one and only Bud Bundy!!!

No, it’s not  David Faustino’s birthday, he was born in March or something. But for the sake of  a slow and rainy Friday afternoon and some really random trivia facts, Bud Bundy’s birthday, as revealed in season 7 episode 3 of Married With Children, was January 22.  (thanks to twitter user @DjangoUN)

So in the television loving fantasy world that we all live in today, Happy birthday Bud Bundy!

As for Faustino, he’s already done us all a favor by reuniting the Married With Children cast for an episode of his web series Star-Ving. So if you haven’t yet, pick it up on DVD at Amazon by clicking here.  It’s hilarious!!

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