Amanda Bynes Legs Like Chocolate and Vanilla


Not sure if Amanda Bynes was drunk tweeting or just in the mood to get super personal, but she recently posted the following to her Twitter account; (See photos inside)



Apparently those tweets got a lot of negative/unwanted responses because she deleted them,  and followed up with the following;

02/10/10 08:57 AM PST
like i said before, don’t trip 🙂 i like chocolate and vanilla 🙂 it’s ALL good everybody, let’s be happy and move on from this topic 🙂

And then;

02/10/10 10:04 AM PST
long story short i of course love both chocolate and vanilla, i just PREFER chocolate now 🙂 ♥ live and let live! 🙂

She has since deleted all flavor related Tweets, but I think we all get the idea.

Whatever works for Amanda Bynes though, works for us!


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