Defending John Mayer

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After John Mayer’s Playboy interview hit the net last week, and featured a special guest appearance by the N-word and the F-word, many  media outlets have been jumping on him and branding him a racist among other things.

But surely there were some who were going to come to his defense right?

Fox News ran a piece this morning where they discussed the double standard in Hollywood when it comes to celebs misbehaving, as it would seem that most celebs slip ups have been forgiven and forgotten in a matter of days .  They asked one of John’s old pals, Hollywood film/music producer Nathan Folks about the whole thing he explained; “He certainly is not a racist and is also not biased against anyone. He just wants to play music and be loved He is a brilliant guitarist and a phenomenal performer. Maybe he opens his mouth too much or maybe his words were taken out of context. Who knows? Just let him play his music.”

We reached out to Folks as well to elaborate a little bit more on his relationship with Mayer, and he told us EXCLUSIVELY;

“When John Mayer and Clay Cook had a band called Low Fi Masters in 1998 in Atlanta I helped promote the band and their music when I lived in Los Angeles, getting exposure and sending out demo cd’s to Sony Music and many other labels in town. We were much closer in Atlanta when he would perform at Eddies Attic and at my family’s estate. After the band broke I’ve kept up with him from time to time. He is not a racist, he is certainly not gay, and he is a wonderful person. Playboy took things out of context and obviously had a vendetta. I hope this whole things blows over for him because the music he writes and the songs he sings are great for the industry. I’m also hoping to do a charity event with John at the House of Blues this year…”

Mayer apologized for the words he used in his Playboy interview, and has since moved on with his tour.

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  1. February 16, 2010 at 11:48 pm #

    “I thought I would take to blog and write a quick defense of John Mayer, someone that I have grown to respect for the kind, caring, and compassionate person that he truly is. I don’t care what Playboy Magazine writes about the man, and I don’t care what John says to the journalists that write what they do about him. In America, it’s all part of the game…light up the blogosphear [sic], stay relevant – end of story,” Words were certianly taken out of context. He is a good man and cares for the world. Isaac Foundation, A Charity for children with Disease. John has been working with this charity for two years. His compassion alone shows he is a good person.

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