EXCLUSIVE!!! Sandra’s Waiting Game


A cheating husband is just another thing on the list of Sandra Bullock’s worries these days.

She’s moved out of the family home and is staying in her old Hollywood Hills residence, where she’s been hidden from cameras and the public with the aide of bodyguards and a tarp.  But what’s keeping Sandra shut in?

A source is telling us EXCLUSIVELY that she’s already embarrassed and heartbroken enough  over the entire situation, but now that someone recently dug up some of her joking quotes regarding the Tiger Woods affairs, she’s even more afraid to face the music.

Back after the Woods cheating scandal broke, Sandra Bullock joked on TV’s  The Insider; “If I were Elin … man, I would have hit a lot more than she did …. I would have kept hitting … She stopped. She was respectable. I’d get the baseball bat. I’d get everything out.”

The comments never made it to air, but surfaced only after Bullock became the center of her own cheating scandal.

Says our source;  “Sandra already has enough on her mind regarding the state of her marriage, and now someone has dug up this quote she made about Tiger Woods’ wife.  She’s starting to feel horrible about that, considering now she knows what Elin was going through, add that to the fact that she’s just simply disappeared during her own scandal, and not even faced her husband since it happened.  Sandra will talk when she’s ready, but she really want’s to consider everything before making any statements, or decisions prematurely.”

Sources are also reporting that Sandra is prepping all of the paperwork for a divorce, so it will be interesting to see how the coming weeks play out.

Either way, we hope it’s what is best for Sandra!

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