EXCLUSIVE!!! Doug Reinhardt’s Coachella Rebound!


Doug Reinhardt sure moves on quick!  Just a week after splitting from Paris Hilton, Doug hit up the Dipdive and Blackberry Party Hosted by Will I Am @ the Coachella Oasis presented by All Points Worldwide and Nightvision Entertainment at the Merv Griffin Estate, where we spotted him EXCLUSIVELY!!! making out with a random brunette.

Doug and the mystery chick were all over each other all night, drinking champagne, and sweating to the music and desert heat.

If Paris hasn’t seen these yet, she surely will!

So what do you guys think.. Upgrade or Downgrade for old Dougy?


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One Response to EXCLUSIVE!!! Doug Reinhardt’s Coachella Rebound!

  1. April 20, 2010 at 2:11 pm #

    Upgrade bitches! You could take a ski jump off Paris Hiltons nose! Way to live it up in Cochella babe!!

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