Michael Lohan Claims He Tried to Provide Jet, Has “Nothing to Say” to Lindsay

Father Michael is throwing in the towel!

After Lindsay Lohan  blamed him for a stolen passport that caused her to miss her court date in Los Angeles, Michael Lohan is speaking out claiming he’s “fed up” with Lindsay and has nothing else to say to her.

He tells a source:

“I’m fed up with her lies, I’m fed up with her denial. It is really, really going to hurt her. I’m so fed up with her now… To say that I had her passport stolen, I mean that was the straw that broke the camel’s back… She’s gonna get the book thrown at her. It is going to have a long term effect on her and it isn’t going to be a good one. [She’s] famous, very vulnerable very sensitive. She’s not suited for jail.”

Michael even claims that he tried to provide a jet for Lindsay to get back in time, but she igored it, in order to party longer.

“She could’ve been back here. We had a jet waiting for Lindsay. We had everything waiting for her. She just ignored everything I said. I think she’s in denial. I think she’s overlooking what the root of the problem really is. It’s heartbreaking. I have nothing to say to you Lindsay, nothing at all.”

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