Miley and Liam Dunzo?

Are Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth headed for splitzville?

According to a source, the couple has been having some major problems lately, and they are all stemming from Miley’s feelings that Liam is becoming too famous.

The source claims that she’s jealous of his role in Arabian Nights, and that he’s fed up with her parents always interfering in their relationship.

The couple has secretly been living together in her LA mansion that she shares with her parents, and all the tension buildup has reportedly lead to a massive blow up.

Liam has reportedly moved into an apartment with his brother, while Miley confirmed: “(We) are on a break.”

Regardless of her limited stage wardrobe, and maturity level in the spotlight, you must not forget the girl is only seventeen years old! She’s going to go through boyfriends and think she’s “in love” once a week.

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