Does Tiger Woods Have a Six Year Old Secret?

If this story pans out, it will be the straw that breaks the marriages (already broken) back!

A new documentary about Tiger Woods is said to be coming out, and it will disclose the fact that Tiger has a secret love child!

The twist, according to, is that it’s not a baby with one of the whores from the cheating scandal, it’s a six year old girl!

The source claims that a woman by the name of Theresa Rogers gave birth to Tiger’s daughter back in 2003, and demanded $3 million dollars in order to keep her silent.

Tiger married Elin back in 2004, so if this holds true, it  wouldn’t be cheating on his marriage, but if hush money was involved, it must mean he was probably engaged or dating Elin at the time.

He must not have paid, if she’s coming forward to this documentary.  That or else they doubled the offer and she couldn’t refuse.

After a weekend that revealed that  the late Brittany Murphy’s late husband, Simon Monjack too had a pair of secret children, how do we feel about secret children?

Should Elin be able to use this as leverage in the custody battle of their eventual divorce?

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