Tiger Woods, You are NOT The Father!

Good news for Tiger Woods.  He’s not the father!

Despite the claims made by one of the former mistresses that she fathered a child with the golf star, DNA tests have proven otherwise.

released the photos of the 9 year old boy yesterday, who did have a slight resemblance to Tiger Woods, but a DNA test taken back in 2002 proved Tiger was not.

Devon James was most likely just looking to cash in on the story elsewhere, like some of the other girls have.

Sorry for her, she likely won’t be cashing in on anything besides humiliation.

[Image via: Kikster.com]

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One Response to Tiger Woods, You are NOT The Father!

  1. June 18, 2010 at 1:34 pm #

    If Tiger woods is not the father of this child, The grandmother should end all speculation and rumors by presenting the DNA proof she claims to have to the world. Until this is done the doubts about the child’s paternity will continue,since the boy clearly resembles Tiger Woods!!!

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