End of the Road For Whitney Port in ‘The City’?

With The Hills ending after this season, could it be the end of the road for Whitney Port in the big apple as well?

MTV is throwing around the idea of canceling The City at the end of this season as well.

You know the drama is far less on Whitney’s spin off, and the characters aren’t as exciting most of the time, but that can be refreshing at times.

There’s rumors that Whitney is interested in stepping away as well, to focus on her career.

Will you be heart broken if MTV cancels The City?

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One Response to End of the Road For Whitney Port in ‘The City’?

  1. July 1, 2010 at 11:55 am #

    WHO is that gorgeous and oh so stylish real estate broker showing Roxy her potential new apartment in the preview for next week’s episode of The City??? I think her name is Linette Semino. I’ve seen her out and about a lot at society events and fashion shows in NYC…Maybe she is a new character on the show coming to spice some things up with Roxy..I hope so, the show needs some new cool chicks who are in glamorous careers other than fashion…so happy Roxy is finally deciding to move out of Whitney’s apartment..it is about time she starts to establish her independence..Can’t wait to see next week what happens.

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