Lindsay Lohan Live Court Update

Update: Judge Marsha Revel has found Lindsay Lohan in violation of her probation.  Sentence pending.

Update: Lindsay Lohan returned home during the noon break, but has a little over twenty minutes to be back in the court room when court resumes at 1:30pm PST.  Multiple sources are giving round one to the prosecution, which could ultimately land Lindsay in jail.   Stay tuned.

Update: Noon break.  The owner of the alcohol education program was just grilled about Lindsay’s violation of court order.  Things are looking so/so  for her so far.   Lohan’s lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley will continue with questions at 1:30 pm.

Update: A request from Michael Lohan to address the court room has been denied, however the judge will allow him to address the court in the form of a letter.

The judge also decided she will not allow the SCRAM discrepancy to be a part of the case any longer.

Lindsay Lohan showed up to an LA court room this morning on time to face the judge over violation of her probation.

So far, the judge has reviewed Lindsay’s papers for her alcohol education courses, to which she has completed by today as directed.

However, the prosecutor claims that she has proof that Lindsay Lohan drank the night of the VMA’s, and also that her SCRAM device had been tampered with.

Drinking may or may not be an actual violation of her probation, it will be up for the judge to decide.

At this point, court is still in session.

[Image via TMZ Live Stream]

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