Vienna and Jake’s Showdown Proves She’s Crazy

After Vienna Girardi and Jake Pavelka’s bachelor reunion special last night, Vienna tweeted to her followers:

“The truth will always prevail. I’m so glad people see what I have been going through. Love you all.”

It was the first meeting between the two since their breakup, with both of them getting a chance to tell their story in front of one another.  Well , not so much for Jake, because he could barely get a word out without being interrupted.

As a viewer of last night’s showdown,  I don’t think we really got to see what Vienna has been going through, but what we did see, was a girl who always demands to do the talking, and what she says goes.

Most guys would have jetted out of that relationship faster than Jake did.

We don’t even think Jake cares if she cheated or not any more, he just wanted to escape the crazy!

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