Mel Gibson Claims Ex-GF Tried to Extort 10 Million to Keep Tapes Quiet

Team Mel, which probably consists of Mel Gibson and whoever he pays to be on his team these days, is claiming that ex-gf Oksana Grigorieva is responsible for leaking the hate fueled taped conversations between herself and Mel Gibson, and that she tried to extort 10 million dollars from him in order to keep them private.

Oksana’s rep told Entertainment Tonight that she did not release the tapes, all five which first appeared first on Radar Online, but Team Mel claims they have physical proof, which they are presenting to the LA court this morning.

Regardless of Grigorieva’s obvious friendly relationship with the outlet releasing the tapes from the past, the damage is done, and whether you believe he’s a racist or not, he’s pretty mean!

Mel was told yesterday that he could keep visitation with his daughter, however a photo of Oksana after she was reportedly punched in the face by Mel has surfaced, and things could take a turn for the worse for him.

Stay tuned.

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