Zac Efron Did Visit Strip Club, but Vanessa Gave Him Permission

Zac Efron has finally spoke out over the rumors of him paying a little visit to an NYC strip club.

Zac talked to Jimmy Kimmell on last night’s episode about the guys night out he had with High School Musical co-star Corbin Bleu and a few others, confirming that the boys went to Flashdancers Gentleman’s Club in NYC.

However, he admitted that it didn’t live up to his expectations.

“I had this image of what it would be like. I’ve heard a lot about these places, mostly from rap music. So I envisioned myself on a nice couch, stunna shades, with like T-Pain and Usher, you know, making it rain money, and it just wasn’t like that.”

As for the story that the group spent $2,000 on private dances, Zac adds: “No, no, not at all … I don’t remember. I don’t think I opened my wallet.”

And his girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens?  She approved.  Zac told Jimmy; “That’s the awkward part. It’s like how do you even start that conversation without feeling like a total [expletive]. [But] she was fine with it, yeah.”

Oh BTW…  Zac’s movie, Charlie St. Cloud, comes out this Friday!

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