Mike Comrie Owes For Skipped Car Payments

We love stories like this, because it’s just some company trying to cause a fuss.

Hilary Duff’s husband, Mike Comrie, who is the heir to a 500 million dollar company, not to mention that he’s doing alright for himself with his NHL career, apparently missed a payment on his Mercedes Benz back in 2008, to which the company is now trying to collect.

They are even threatening repossession!

The sum of the money owed is $103,398.    To put that in perspective, Mike’s wedding ring for Hilary cost almost 100 TIMES that amount!  That’s before the million-dollar-wedding.

We have a feeling that if they would have went quietly to him and proven that he some how missed a payment, he would write the check no problem.  He’s hardly unable to come up with the cash!

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