Pete Wentz Calls it Quits on the Swears For His Son

Pete Wentz is watching his little boy grow up day by day, and with that, comes the learning of bad words!

According to Pete, he’s had to cut back on his foul language, because Bronx, now 2, is at the age of repeating.

He tells UsMagazine:  “As a parent, I’m finally being able to get my mouth to behave itself as far as saying naughty words. He says everything! It’s one of those things where he’s so awesome, he just makes me smile. Even when he says (bad words) back it’s like, ‘No way!’ He’s becoming a human being. It’s so crazy to watch something that was a baby become something so animated, so smart and so personable.”

It’s definitely a good thing to tone it down in front of the little one, but unfortunately he’s going to hear it somewhere or other in this day and age…

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