YUCK! Harry Hamlin and Lisa Rinna We Aren’t Buying It

Who the hell answers their cell phone while they are being interviewed on national TV? Harry Hamlin that’s who. Why would he do such a thing? A stunt that’s why. Hamlin and his wife Lisa Rinna were on the the Today show promoting their new books and TV Land show when immediately after their introduction Hamlin announced he had to keep his cell phone on because the store the couple owns was in the process of being robbed. THEN right on que the phone rings. ┬áTHEN instead of answering the call he gives some back-story to catch all of us up THEN finally picks up the all important call where no important or vital information was received that couldn’t wait 3 minutes until after the interview. The call was just confirming the store was just robbed. Harry seemed more concerned with giving the audience the play by play then actually getting the information.

If this wasn’t a publicity stunt then it was at the very least an exploited event as there was no good reason for Hamlin to take the call on air. Either way Harry Hamlin is FINALLY getting a chance to act again!

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