Hilary Duff Talks Babies!

Hilary Duff has been married only a short time, but she’s already got babies on the brain.

She can’t help it though, because everywhere she goes people are asking when it’s going to be time.

They’re going to have to wait, because it’s not baby time yet for Hil and Mike.

Duff tells the Valentine in the morning radio show: ” We’re excited to have kids, but we don’t want to do it now. We’ve been married for six weeks. We haven’t sent thank-you notes out yet. Can we get that out of the way before?”

Hilary is just 22 so there is plenty of time!

And for all of you who get Pittsburgh google alerts, you know we love you:

But we think they are holding off on the kids right now, so that the poor child doesn’t have to be raised in gloomy Pittsburgh while Mike is playing for the win-less Penguins.

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