Jenny McCarthy’s First Sexual Experience Was With a Bear…

Which ever of the McCarthy’s neighbors picked up this item at the family’s garage sale all those years ago probably either has a very puzzled face right now, or has dollar signs for eyes.

Both gross to think about!

Jenny McCarthy has recently revealed that her first sexual partner was a teddy bear called ‘tubby.’

She tells Access Hollywood live:

“When I was a little girl we learned that you had to go through puberty and ‘take care of yourself’ otherwise you’d go blind and deaf. That’s what we learned in Catholic school – you can’t enjoy yourself.

“I had a little bear…and I thought, ‘If Tubby does it, he’s gonna burn in hell, not me. Tubby was this bear that I had for many years and the sad part of the story is that I came home one day and my mom sold it in a garage sale.”

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