Russell Brand’s Bodyguards Accused of Assault in India

We honestly kind of feel for Russell Brand in this circumstance.  He’s trying to enjoy his wedding weekend!

While spending the day before his nuptials to Katy Perry on a safari in India, are alleging that Brand’s bodyguards assaulted them while they were inside of their vehicle.

The Associated Press is reporting: “a guard approached the paparazzi vehicle and reportedly punched the driver in the face and stole their car keys – as Brand allegedly looked on.  One photographer, Mustafa Quraishi, tried to retrieve the keys, but the guard is alleged to have turned on him and beaten him up, breaking his glasses and smashing his camera, causing a cut to his arm.”

Luckily Russell just sat back and relaxed and let the whole thing go down on it’s own.

Just a few months ago, he was arrested at LAX on charges of assaulting a photographer who tried to sneak photos up Katy Perry’s dress. The charges were later dropped.

We’d love to see photos from their trip, but keep a distance and let them enjoy their wedding!  When they get back here, it’s game on!

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