Tiger Sex Tape Comes With Strings Attached

Like gambling? Well go ahead, purchase the Tiger Woods sex tape.  You may win, but you may lose!

That according to the terms and conditions set fourth by mistress Devon James and the company hosting the website selling the alleged tape.

Hidden deep in the terms, which you would actively have to search for before you purchase you will stumble upon this paragraph:

7.2. The Company may, at any time and at its sole discretion, cancel any release of the video, however, that if the Company cancels any release of the video to its expiration, the Company shall provide a pro-rata refund for the unexpired period of the cancelled release of the video by automatic credit.

I think it’s fair that we note the point that there are no samples, or photos, or anything on the official site that would suggest this tape is real, as it only features a photo of James backed by tiger fur.

According to one source, “pro rata” basically means they can give you back a portion of the money based on the amount of time that has passed.  Essentially, this means they will find a way to give you nothing.

The “release” date is November 15, 2010, but we will believe it when we see it.   We also will NOT be paying $25.99 for it.

Unfortunately, we feel like Devon will make a bunch of money from these pre-sales some how!

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