Walking Dead: Kim Kardashian Cheats on Charity

So much for digital death day!

In Kim Kardashian’s new video to promote World Aids Day, she boasts how she is obsessed with twitter, but more obsessed with aids awareness, passes her cell phone off to her sisters vowing no more “digital life” until $1 million dollars is raised!

Well we spotted Kim Kardashian out and about today chatting up a storm on her cell phone and texting during a pedicure!

We understand business is business, BUT at least do it out of the public eye!

So far, $102,000 has been raised for the cause. You can donate by clicking here.

They should double donations for the rule breakers!!! Tisk Tisk Kim!

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One Response to Walking Dead: Kim Kardashian Cheats on Charity

  1. December 1, 2010 at 5:34 pm #

    Despicable!! She makes this promise with, of course, full PR and cameras rolling — and as soon as it’s a wrap — she’s tweeting, texting and talkin’. Did a commitment to World Aids mean anything to this woman other than another photo-op??!!

    This is a 30-year old, divorced woman who acts like a teenager with all the digital communication and lack of focus on anything other than herself and her nails!!

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