Heather Mills Wants Credit For Beatles Being on iTunes…. We Want to be President of the Moon…

Heather Mills is trying to take credit for The Beatles coming to iTunes.

For the first time ever, music from The Beatles was available to purchase on iTunes starting a few weeks ago, after executives at EMI and the bands surviving members were able to come to an agreement that would put the band’s catalog on the web based music shop.

The Beatles sold over 450,000 albums alone in their first week on iTunes, and now someone else is trying to take credit for the feat.

There’s probably a reason you haven’t heard  anything from Heather Mills in months, after she hopped back to the UK with her 38 million dollars after trying her luck on Dancing With the Stars. Most likely because you didn’t want to.

Well now she’s coming out and saying the only reason The Beatles are on iTunes is because she landed EMI a meeting with Steve Jobs.

She tells the Daily Mail; “iTunes? I organized it all with Steve Jobs. But there’s no way I’m going back to court for more money. It was all settled at the time and that’s it.”

So  Beatles fans around the world, bow down to Heather Mills for having the band on iTunes… Yeah right.

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