Something Fishy About This Lindsay Lohan Battery Story

It’s hard to actually take Lindsay’s side on something like this, because it’s not totally uncharacteristic for her, but that’s the side of the fence we’re leaning on this time around we think.

From the beginning, a few red flags in these Lindsay Lohan battery accusations have stood out to us.  Here are the questions we have.

1. – If there was an altercation over rehab patients being caught sneaking over a fence back onto the grounds past curfew, why would mandatory drug/alcohol testing not be done right then and there.

2. – The rehab staffer is claiming Lindsay called Dina Lohan on the phone who told her not to take the breathalyzer test.  While we believe that Dina Lohan would think her daughter was above taking a mandatory breathalyzer test, we have a feeling the facility would not care and make her do it anyways.

3. – These “Lindsay assaulted me” claims scream “Kobe raped me” and “Big Ben raped me”   They may or may not have, but getting the story to the media first with little to no evidence does nothing for the case.  Also remember this incident took place in a secure, well known facility where there should be plenty of ways to find out the truth.  This is not some bar, or private hotel.

So could this woman have said too much, been fired, and is now just looking for a few more bucks to make up for losing her job?

Or is it all true and we’ll find out that Lindsay did have an alcohol fueled fight night that finds her back in jail for up to 180 days.

Time will tell.

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