Mark Wahlberg Want’s a Diploma Before His Kids Graduate

Not many people would think it of award winning actor Mark Wahlberg, but he’s a high school dropout with a troubled past.

But the star of this year’s Oscar nominated ‘The Fighter’ is determined to change that!

Mark recently told Britain’s ‘The Sun’ that he’s planning on continuing his education, so that he can get a diploma before his children do.

Mark has four kids, Ella, Michael, Brenden, and Grace, all under the age of seven.

“I need to get a diploma before my kids graduate! I definitely want to further my education. I’ve got a few years,” adding, “Somebody was on a plane with me recently and said, ‘Oh, I’ll get a guy to come over and tutor you for a couple of hours.’ I was like, ‘It will be more like a couple of months.’ But I think I’ve got to do it. I’ll feel great about it once I do.”

We think it’s great Mark wants his diploma.  We’d love to see some of his homework assignments, and read his book reports.

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