Michael Lohan Actually Behind Lindsay’s Mystery Letterman Booking

The plot thickens!!!

We originally told you about a person who was assumed to be a prankster booking Lindsay Lohan to do the Top 10 on David Letterman this coming Thursday night, but now it appears that prankster is none other than her father, Michael Lohan!

Lindsay tweeted Tuesday night that she would NOT be appearing on the show, insisting she’s not sure how that rumor started, causing CBS to issue a statement saying the arrangements were made with someone who is “not authorized to make commitments on her behalf.”

Michael Lohan is telling TMZ that he is the one who made the arrangements, and he made them with her full blessing.  Mr. Lohan says Lindsay knew “full well” of the plan before her people pulled the plug on the idea upon finding out, adding, “Anything positive that I bring into her life… [her people] try to nix it.”

What we would like to know, is why is Lindsay Lohan not defending her father here?  If she did know about it, then why call it a “mystery” and say she’s “not sure how that happened.”

If Michael Lohan did this without telling Lindsay, but has to lie about it to the media in the end when it didn’t work out, then it looks like the old Michael Lohan may be back.

This family!!!

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