Arnold Schwarzenegger Loves Script For ‘True Lies 2’

Now that Arnold Schwarzenegger is done with his governing duties in California, he’s got plenty of time to get back to doing what he does best. Kicking ass on the big screen.

Many of the films that he has made a classic part of your DVD collection are hoping to cash in on the 20 year later sequel, and it looks like the first one Arnold has his eye on is ‘True Lies 2.’

Schwarzenegger’s co-star in ‘True Lies,’ Tom Arnold is almost certain that it can be made, he tells, and he explains that they both love the script.

“We have both read the script,” said Arnold. “There is a script that James Cameron and a guy named Jeff Eastin, who created the TV show ‘White Collar,’ wrote. It is really great. Jim can’t direct it. But he can produce it. We hope it gets done. We have a few fun things we want to do. I am supposed to remain cool about this… There is a list of really good directors. There have always been people who were interested in doing it. I let those guys handle that. I put in my two cents.”

What classic Schwarzenegger films would you like to see him hop back into action to bring back?

The possibilities are endless!

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