Rebecca Black Responds To The Haters

Rebecca Black is tiger blood!  This is what we mean by that:

Even thought Rebecca Black is still trending on Twitter a week later, she’s no longer the top trend. She’s slipping down the trending topics list, because most people are sick of her, and the joke is over.

Her video for ‘Friday’ has gotten ripped to shreds in the comments section and on Twitter, but Rebecca Black has a message for all the haters.

In an interview with Good Morning America, Black explains;

“At first, when I first saw all these nasty comments, I did cry,” she said. “I felt like this was my fault. And I shouldn’t have done this, and this is all because of me. And now I don’t feel that way.”

“I decided not to give the haters the satisfaction that they got me so bad I gave up.”

But in the end it seems like maybe it was just a ploy to get a duet with Justin Bieber.  She pleads with the singer:

“Justin, if you’re watching this right now, would you do a duet with me? That would be just unreal — it would make my life!”

Don’t hold your breath, Becky!

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One Response to Rebecca Black Responds To The Haters

  1. March 24, 2011 at 4:15 am #

    I lose all remaining hope if Bieber sings with this girl. She is trash. A shame to music and every other musician in the world who is trying to be heard.

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