Bradley Cooper Calls Bangkok “Vegas On Steroids”

The Hangover 2 is coming soon, and if you are unsure about it yet, wait until you see the extended preview they are showing before ‘Scream 4.’

In a new interview with Total Film magazine, Bradley CooperĀ  compares Bangkok to “Vegas on steroids.”

“It ended up being a battle of endurance and we lost people all the time to food poisoning, heat exhaustion… everybody, including all the actors, were in hospital for some time… My movies are about mayhem and I always think I like it, but Bangkok is mayhem to another degree. You’re shooting and guys will literally drive through the scene on their little motorcycles. It was hot, it rained a lot. It feels like we went to war!”

Cooper adds, “I have a lead stomach so I never threw up. Bangkok is Vegas on steroids. Ed (Helms) got really sick. He was addicted to those charcoal pills (for stomach pain).”

The Hangover 2 hits theaters this Memorial Day weekend.

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