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Louis Vuitton Pushing Legal Battle With ‘Hangover 2’

Bosses at Louis Vuitton know how to spot a fake! The famous fashion house are proceeding with a lawsuit against ‘The Hangover 2,’ after the character played by Zach Galifinakis carried a fake LV bag through the airport. In the legal docs, filed at a federal court in New York on Thursday,  fashion bosses are […]

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The Hangover 2 Sets Box Office Record

The Hangover 2 might be getting some mixed reviews, but even the people who didn’t like it helped contribute to a record breaking weekend. The film grossed $86.5 making it the biggest comedy opening ever. Over all, the film grossed $118 million since opening on Thursday. It’s closest competitor, ‘Kung Fu Panda 2’ brought in […]

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Todd Phillips Explains Why Mel Gibson’s Cameo Was Cut From ‘Hangover 2’

When director Todd Phillips decided to cut Mel Gibson’s cameo out of ‘The Hangover 2,’ it was reported that it was due to a protest from one of the film’s main stars, Zach Galafinakis. However, Phillips is now speaking out about the decision, explaining that it was concern from many members of the cast and […]

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Bradley Cooper Calls Bangkok “Vegas On Steroids”

The Hangover 2 is coming soon, and if you are unsure about it yet, wait until you see the extended preview they are showing before ‘Scream 4.’ In a new interview with Total Film magazine, Bradley Cooper  compares Bangkok to “Vegas on steroids.” “It ended up being a battle of endurance and we lost people […]

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Just Released Promo Poster For ‘Hangover 2’

Check out the just released promo poster for ‘The Hangover 2.’ The movie will rejoin Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifinakis, and Ed Helms as they take on Bangkok. The film will be released Memorial Day weekend and if it is anything like the first will be an instant classic. The question is, can these three carry […]

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‘Hangover 2’ Teaser Trailer Released

Your first look at ‘The Hangover 2’ has arrived!   Apple trailers has just released this teaser trailer for the film, which is set to be released for Memorial day in 2011. Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifinakis, and Ed Helms are back, reuniting ‘the wolfback’ for some overseas adventures. Check out the teaser trailer by clicking on […]

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‘Hangover 2’ Plot Revealed

A new press kit for The Hangover 2 is giving us a little sample of the plot for the upcoming Warner Brothers film. No spoilers here really, way less than you’ll see in any preview, so never fear. “After the unforgettable bachelor party in Las Vegas, Stu is taking no chances and has opted for […]

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Mike Tyson Weighs in on Mel Gibson and ‘The Hangover 2’

Mike Tyson’s road to redemption has taken years and years and years, so it’s no surprise he was excepted, and cheered for his cameo in The Hangover. When Mel Gibson was fired from the set because people involved with the film didn’t want him, people started bringing up the topic of “well, they used Mike […]

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Hangover 2 Director Explains Dropping Mel GIbson

Director Todd Phillips is clearing up any rumor about Mel Gibson being or not being in The Hangover 2 , and their reasoning behind cutting him lose. Though he wouldn’t name names, Phillips told Entertainment Tonight: “The Hangover 2 is a family … and as much as I loved the idea, a lot of people […]

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Zach Galifinakis Protesting Hangover 2?

Zach Galafinakis steals the show in ‘The Hangover’ but is it possible he’s not happy about the way the sequel is going? Galifinakis has been filming the sequel recently, but during a comedy podcast he had the following to say about one of his “current projects” “…But a movie you’re acting in, you don’t have […]

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