Todd Phillips Explains Why Mel Gibson’s Cameo Was Cut From ‘Hangover 2’

When director Todd Phillips decided to cut Mel Gibson’s cameo out of ‘The Hangover 2,’ it was reported that it was due to a protest from one of the film’s main stars, Zach Galafinakis.

However, Phillips is now speaking out about the decision, explaining that it was concern from many members of the cast and crew following the release of Gibson’s phone rants to former girlfriend Oksana Gregorieva that lead him to pull the scene.

He tells Entertainment Weekly:

“A lot of people voiced opinions. Yes, I’m the director and I could have said f**k you to everybody and this is what we’re doing, but I also have to put the movie ahead of my own ego and say, ‘What’s best for the movie when we still have 10 weeks ahead of us?’

“The truth is, it’s not worth causing a rift in this family… over a two-minute cameo.”

Probably a smart move, though we imagine it would have still been pretty funny!

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