Kathy Griffin Roasts Royal Wedding Tonight On TV Guide Network

Kathy Griffin will be ripping on the Royal Wedding tonight as only Kathy Griffin knows how to do!

Airing tonight on TV Guide Network at 8PM, Griffin will be roasting the guests to the Royal Wedding, and presumably the bride and groom themselves, in Kathy Griffin’s Insightful & Hilarious Take On The Royal Wedding.

. For instance, upon seeing Guy Ritchie with a date arrive at Westminster Abbey, Griffin jokes, “That’s gotta hurt Madonna. Madonna’s at home in her apartment with Sarah Furgeson (Royal outcast) and they are eating donut holes and crying.”

Check out a sneak peek of Griffin’s Royal zingers below.

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One Response to Kathy Griffin Roasts Royal Wedding Tonight On TV Guide Network

  1. April 30, 2011 at 6:51 am #

    Well if Griffin makes that joke about Guy Ritchie and Madonna the joke will be on Griffin!! Guy Ritchie didn’t have a date! His invitation was for him only, no
    ‘plus 1’. So the woman he was talking to was not his date. Clearly Griffin needs to find out what Jacqui Ainsley, Guy’s girl-friend looks like. Btw she is 29 yrs old, 4 mths pregnant with his child, around 5′ 9″ tall, blond hair with extensions …..etc. Whilst Guy was at the Wedding Jacqui was probably on the phone to Madonna discussing how to bring up a child with Guy!!!

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