Osama Bin Laden DEAD, Buried At Sea

Typing this is more than ten years in the making, and it feels so good to do so!  Osama Bin Laden is dead!!!

The front page of today’s New York Post reads ‘Got Him! Vengance at last! US nails the bastard!’

By now you know that the Taliban’s leader was shot dead during a US raid by Navy Seals in Pakistan on Sunday, where they took custody of the body and proven it to be Bin Laden.

During the raid one of Bin Laden’s son’s was also killed, and his two wives and other children arrested.

Contrary to the belief that he has been hiding out in a cave in the mountains on the border of Afghanistan/Pakistan for the past ten years, Bin Laden was found in a pretty high traffic city of Abbottabad, at a high security compound inside a mansion.

President Obama put the plan into play last week, and the mission was carried out on Sunday.

Congrats to the troops on a VERY successful mission!

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