Lindsay Lohan May Dodge 120 Day Jail Sentence After All

Could Lindsay Lohan escape jail time all together?  It may be so!

Lindsay Lohan will plead no contest to her misdemeanor theft charge, and it’s likely the judge will not increase her 120 day jail sentence for probation violation.

However, since Judge Saunter wants to treat Lindsay like anyone else in her situation, Lohan could escape a stint behind bars with house arrest only.

Typically, those facing Lohan’s type of charges and sentenced to the jail where Lohan would be staying are allowed to serve their sentence at home with an ankle bracelet.

Lohan, who is no stranger to an ankle bracelet would be sure to LOVE this type of punishment.

The LA County probation department is reportedly on board with all non violent offenders serving their time in the comfort of their own home.

The only issue Lindsay may face here, is since she will not be contributing to the jail’s overcrowding, would her sentence be shortened, or will she serve the entire four months at home?

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