Miami Heat’s Chris Bosh Suing Vh1 Over ‘Basketball Wives’

Miami Heat star Chris Bosh has filed a lawsuit against Vh1’s ‘Basketball Wives’ for the use of his name on the show.

Mostly because he’s not married to any of the cast members on the show!

Bosh is mostly concerned that the use of his name on the show many destroy his reputation and confuse the public to think he has authorized the use of his name for the series.

Bosh recently got married before the start of the 2011 NBA Playoffs, but the current Mrs. Bosh is not the woman who stars in the reality series.

The suit claims, “The use of Plaintiff’s name by Defendants is primarily commercial and not communicative. Further, the show, Basketball Wives, is not transformative, but rather the use, depiction, or imitation of celebrity NBA basketball players, including Plaintiff, is the very sum and substance of the show.”

The show’s cast is made up of women who formerly dated or were married to NBA stars, who mostly just rag on their former men.

Should the judge rule in Bosh’s favor?  Maybe they should be forced to sign up actual Basketball wives for the show.  Just a thought.

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One Response to Miami Heat’s Chris Bosh Suing Vh1 Over ‘Basketball Wives’

  1. May 9, 2011 at 6:14 pm #

    I do not think that Chris Bosh has a chance in a case like this. From what I understand the show itself is primarily made up of people who are no longer the wives of NBA players. The show is about ex-wives being able to air their grievances with their former husbands, I don’t think just because it is called “basketball wives” only people that are currently lawfully married to the players should be on the show. This just seems like a waste of time for Bosh and I highly doubt that he’ll win the case.

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