Hulk Hogan Threatening Ultimate Warrior With Lawsuit

The Ultimate Warrior is back at it, using Hulk Hogan’s name in order for his to make the papers.

Warrior, who’s real name is James Hellwig, uploaded a YouTube video after the death of Randy Savage, but still foun a way to fire a few shots at Hogan, a colleague he had not spoken to in many years.

In his latest video, he calls Hogan a “liar, a fraud and a phony” and a cocaine-abusing “dope head.”

This is just a snippit of what he claims he will be releasing in an hour long full length video on June 17th.

Hogan is furious over the allegations, and plans to take his former rival to court over the matter telling TMZ: “None of that ever happened. This guy is out of his mind.”

We say they settle it in the ring!

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