Cee Lo Green Planning To Lose Some Weight

Cee Lo Green is the self proclaimed lady killer, but he doesn’t want to be the Cee Lo killer, so he’s planning on dropping some weight for his health.

The vocal coach on NBC’s ‘The Voice’ has revealed that after losing a few overweight friends, he’s going to take his own health into consideration by telling Rolling Stone Magazine, “I want to be healthy. I lost a few really good friends… I lost my friend Heavy D recently, and I was friends with Patrice O’Neal… I’m looking at them and noticing the similarities.

“I’ve got a young son and I want to be around for him.”

The singer admits that some of his female fans aren’t excited about the change, as they like him the way he is.  “I don’t want to disappoint the ladies. They truly do love me just as I am.”

Health is more important than the ladies! Go Cee Lo!

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