Katy Perry Gets Custody Of Her And Russell Brand’s Mutual Cat



Though Russell Brand let Katy Perry keep all of her money in the divorce, there was a little decision to be made about who would get custody of the mutual cat, Krusty.

Katy already had a cat named Kitty Purry and Russell a cat named Morressey when they got together, but Krusty was both of theirs, and in the end, Katy got custody of the cat.

Inside sources told Grazia magazine that the former couple worked out the arrangement at a private meeting in Los Angeles last week.

“She took the cat they shared with her as she knew he’d want to see her and he agreed she could have custody of the cat,” a source divulged. “Katy, understandably, was in tears. She gave Russell a hug and wished him luck with everything. She was trying to remain strong but burst out crying as soon as she got into the car and sobbed her heart out.”

However, the sob fest was over on Sunday when Perry sang her new single, “Part of Me,” at the Grammy Awards on Sunday.

The lyrics of the song include, “You chewed me up and spit me out; Like I was poison in your mouth; You took my light, you drained me down… You ripped me off, your love was cheap.”

She also sings,  “Keep your diamond ring; In fact, you can keep everything… Except for me.”

The divorce will become final in June.


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